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Add-ons & extras

We offer a variety of upgrades and add-ons to help you elevate and customize your event, so you can get the most out of your 360 & photo booth experience!


Our 8"ft H x 8"ft W LED enclosure is the perfect addition to any event. The 32 surrounding lights provide the perfect amount of privacy and ensure the lighting in your videos is always awesome. 

PRICE: $100

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Our backdrops provide an eye-catching, and stylish look that will make the perfect background for your 360 videos. You can choose from our selection of gold, silver, and romantic backdrops to create the perfect atmosphere regardless of the occasion, from corporate to weddings.


Gold sequin- $30

Gold rose sequin- $30

Silver sequin- $30

Romantic- $35

8EC07C3D-501C-4976-8EAE-3BF84D1C734F_L0_001-6_5_2023, 1_56_33 AM[3144].png

Light up your videos with our vibrant neon signs! Choose from four available options; "Mr & Mrs", "Mis XV" (which can be color customized), "Sweet 16" (which can also be color customized), "Let's Party", "Happy Birthday" and "'Til Death do us Part". These signs can be used as part of the background of your 360 videos and can also be used as props for the videos.

PRICE: $30 ea. 

8EC07C3D-501C-4976-8EAE-3BF84D1C734F_L0_001-6_5_2023, 1_56_33 AM[3144].png

Make your wedding day even more special with these exclusive LED wings! Perfect for the bride to make her 360 photo booth experience truly unforgettable. With a stunning amount of LED lightning and an elegant design, these wings are your perfect accessory for that special day. 

PRICE: $20

8EC07C3D-501C-4976-8EAE-3BF84D1C734F_L0_001-6_5_2023, 1_56_33 AM[3144].png

A welcome sign that doubles as a selfie station for your guests! Greet your guests with style featuring your personalized text or phrase along with a vibrant neon for the perfect selfie lighting! (Different options of neon signs available). Price includes set up/tear down, neon sign, customization & decor.

  • Trendy

  • Customizable

  • Modern

  • Elegant

PRICE: $85

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